Christmas Adam

December 23, the day before Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve Eve, I have even heard it called Christmas Adam.

Today the kids were off school, hubby was away at work and I was busy prepping for our Christmas Eve Celebration…

  • Putting together cookie trays
  • making veggie dip and artichoke dip
  • cutting up veggies and cheese
  • frying cauliflower (family favorite)
  • wrapping last minute gifts
  • and lots of other things

Before I knew it, it was dinner time. The afternoon flew by quickly, I got a lot checked off my TO DO LIST and each child taking up residence in my home today was still happy, awake and well behaved. Something must be wrong…LOL

As I was making my munchkins something to eat I could hear my oldest daughter sing her own version of Christmas Carols. My youngest daughter was watching a ‘Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas’ for the 100th time. My middle daughter was rearranging the ornaments AGAIN. And my son was reading his Christmas present from his school teacher. I thought to myself…I am one lucky lady…so very blessed to be where I am at, doing what I am doing, with whom I am with!

It was a busy day, heck a busy week and month, prepping for Christmas, but I am positive it’s all worth it. Not having to be slaving in the kitchen all day tomorrow and binge wrapping gifts tomorrow night, I will be able to spend that time with my babies, my hubby, father and other family and friends celebrating the true meaning of Christmas…The Birth of Jesus Christ.

There is no doubt that tomorrow will be difficult, unsettling, and possibly unmerry at times without my moms charismatic presence. She loved this time a year, Christmas Eve was probably her most favorite day of the year with the house full of laughter, too much food on the tables, cookie crumbs all over the floor, Christmas lights twinkling and kids and presents EVERYWHERE! And because of that, I will be strong, put on a somewhat happy face (and my best Christmas sweater) and keep her memory alive with traditions of old and new…well I promise I will at least try.

May your homes be warm, your bellies full and your hearts happy this Christmas weekend. May God bless you with healthy, happiness and safety.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from my family to yours!





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