Potty training woes

We are in the process of potty training our daughter and boy has it been quite the challenging adventure with her! She just doesn’t want to go on the potty BUT she hates having wet, dirty pants on. She is…

  1. The third child
  2. The middle daughter.
  3. A month shy of turning 3 years old.
  4. Very charismatic yet stubborn.
  5. JUST LIKE ME!!!

Reason #5 is the icing on the cake and should be enough for me not worry about her going to kindergarten in diapers. I keep telling myself, she will do it when she is ready and NOTHING can be as bad as training my son.

My oldest, my one and only son was difficult to train as well. He was almost 3 and I was six months pregnant with baby #2 and thought it would be a good idea to get him out of diapers before the baby came. We were on day 2 of doing OK when I was just about to get him to use the potty when he came running down the steps, through the kitchen and into the laundry room. I hear the dryer door slam, the knob turn and the start button chime. (He LOVED to help with laundry so much he figured out how to work the washer and dryer).  The following is the conversation that went down between the two of us.

Me: “It’s time to go potty.”

Son: “I already did.”

Me: “Good Job! Where are your pants?”

Son: “In the dryer.”

Me: “Why?”

Son: “Becaused they were wet!”

Me: “Lets get a new pair on you.”

I didn’t think much of it until I went to help him try to go potty and get a clean pair of pants on. That’s when I noticed there was dried pooped on the back of his leg. Then I looked a bit farther and it was there, on his butt too.

Me: ” Did you poop your pants?”

Son: “yep”

It’s only been 5-6 minutes this whole conversation took place, but when I got to the dryer, I found his pants in there. The good news is he told the truth and that they were dry. The bad news is that so was the poop on his pants AND all over the inside of my dryer! After a whole container of Clorox wipes and an hour later, when I had trouble getting up off the floor, I decided to give up on his potty training until after the baby arrived. Shortly after the birth of his sister and his 3rd birthday he was trained in ONE day and learned how to tell time by doing so.

With this little girl, I am not sure it will be that easy and I am afraid her baby sister will be trained before she is…LOL

It amazes me how different each child is. Parenthood is like a trial and error game, what works for one, may or may not work for the next.


One thought on “Potty training woes

  1. I feel you! Just went through potty training with my daughter. She is so very different from her brother. We’re not, totally there yet, but between the periods of regression, she’s getting better. It’s so much harder when they’re stubborn! I remember my little sister refusing to potty train for the longest time. By the time she was 3 and a half, she was changing her own diapers. When she decided she was ready, the transition went smoothly; she just woke up one morning, hopped on the toilet and that was the end of diapers.


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