It’s a ‘SOUPer” Party

“Is it 5:00 yet?”

“Are they on their way?”

“I bet they will be here any minute!”

From the time breakfast was over until the first group of guests rang the doorbell at 5:00, I felt like I was listening to a broken record with the same 3 questions being asked over and over and over again.

We hosted our first holiday party of the season tonight and like always, the kids out numbered the adults. It was our annual SOUPer Christmas Party and I am happy to say no one left hungry!

No I didn’t have one too many glasses of sangria and spell ‘SOUPer’ wrong.  Well maybe I did, but ‘SOUPer’ is not misspelled.

We call it the ‘SOUPer’ party because the weather is usually super cold and snowy here in Pittsburgh this time of year, so we decided that the main dishes served would be a variety of yummy soups to keep everyone warm. Well this year, the weather was warm and rainy, but that didn’t hinder the turnout or appetites.  Beef Vegetable, Italian Wedding, and Chicken Gnocchi were on the menu, along with a whole lotta Christmas cookies and adult beverages. Needless to say, once the beers and sangrias were poured, the conversations started to get a bit…silly.

As parents, our lives practically revolve around our kids and it’s funny to me how we don’t know how to act or carry on a normal conversation sometimes when we are left alone with other adults, fellow parents. I find my self using inappropriate words such as…potty, boogies, nappy time…when talking to my adult friends and laugh because they don’t even blink an eye, crack a smile or do a WTF? Because they are right there with me (usually). I then tend to wonder if I will ever talk like an adult again? Do I even know how to? Does it matter? Not really. At least not at this moment in time. All that matters is that my family is happy, healthy and having a great time at the party!

May your Christmas be merry, your family be healthy and may your hearts and bellies be full!


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