Mommy needs a ‘time-out’

Why is it that my kids (yours too?), seem to need my help and attention more so when I am ‘unable’ to give it? Unable meaning, physically incapable at that very second. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my kids and try to give them my full undivided attention anytime I hear “mommy” come from their sweet voices. But there are those times when I just can’t…showering, bathroom breaks, telephone calls, and when complete utter exhaustion takes over.

Lately, the moment I stop doing anything and sit down for a breather I get that overwhelming exhaustion feeling. You know that feeling all busy sleep deprived moms get…heavy eyes, foggy brain and nonexistent energy levels. And just when I think I may be having a much needed ‘mommy time-out,’ numerous screams and cries start coming from the other room. I knew it was too good to be true:(.

My first instinct is to run. NOPE that ain’t gonna happen…NO energy to do so!

Then I think I will just fake sleep. HA! The kids know I will be faking because mommy never sleeps!

So I give in and accept the challenge and ask “what’s wrong?” Next thing I know is the sound of little footsteps come pitter-pattering across the hardwood floor and I hear my 2 year old say “Mommy?!?! Where you are?”

Do I answer? or pretend I don’t hear?

Again…”Mommy?!?! Where you are?” this time with a little more excitement!

I finally answer, “over here on the couch resting.” She finds me, looks at me with a great big cheesy smile, climbs up next to me and gives me the biggest hug I have had all day and says “I do luvs you mommy!” Plants a kiss on my cheek and runs away! And just like, all exhaustion has been washed away and my ‘time-out’ is over! Best time out I have ever had. God sure knew what he was doing blessing me these little ones!

You know what? I never did figure out what all the screams and cries were about?!?!

May your day be blessed with lots of hug filled time outs.




2 thoughts on “Mommy needs a ‘time-out’

  1. yES!! Totally understand!! I hope you can check out my blog and we can support each other. I also have a little giveaway going on under “giveaway time” post, I hope you can enter ❤


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