Bedtime chaos…worth it or not?

After dinner,  I catch myself constantly stealing a quick glance at the clock. I find myself counting down the minutes until bedtime. Not because it’s the happiest moment of this tired momma’s day, but because it’s one of the most dreaded moments of my day. I try to save up all my energy for this moment.

When 8 o’clock rolls around, instead of kissing foreheads good night and tucking little ones in, I am usually tripping over toys the kindergartener is taking FOR-EV-ER to clean up, fighting with the third grader about how much longer he has until lights out, dragging toddler number one to bed as she is kicking and screaming “I want to watch my tv show!” And then wrestling with toddler number two because she is the champion of fighting sleep.

Once books are read, prayers are said, kisses are given, little ones are tucked in, lights turned down the chaos continues.

  • My eyes aren’t sleepy
  • Will you lay with me?
  • *cough* Mommy I need a drink
  • One more book?!?!
  • Something hurts
  • Mommy YOU forgot…
  • I forgot to give you a hug and kiss

Five minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and sometimes 45-60 minutes later they are all finally comfy, quiet and sound asleep! And I am still laying in bed next to 1, 2 or all 4 of my kids listening to them breathe, watching them sleep and wondering how did they get so big? Where has the time gone? How did I get so lucky? I sure am blessed!

Moments like these don’t and surely won’t last forever. So the thoughts I had of doing anything else have vanished, because of time and energy, but that’s OK! My babies are more important and all the bedtime chaos was worth the extra hugs, kisses and love!

Is the bedtime chaos worth it? Absolutely YES!


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